State Capitol Report: UW-Stevens Point Decisions Prompt Free Speech Questions

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Administrators at UW-Stevens Point have overruled a decision by the Student Government Association to deny recognition and funding for a conservative student group. Earlier this month, the SGA voted against giving a campus chapter of Turning Point USA official status. Supporters of Turning Point USA said the decision was a violation of free speech. Opponents argued that the group has a history of promoting hate speech and shouldn’t be allowed to organize on campus.

After a review of the decision, UWSP’s vice chancellor for student affairs Al Thompson said the university will recognize Turning Point USA as an official student group. He said UWSP has a commitment to “a learning environment that respects multiple viewpoints.” WPR’s Glen Moberg brings us the latest developments. Then our guest explores the boundaries of free speech and why the issue is so potent on college campuses.

Does recognizing this conservative group create the right environment at college? What kinds of groups should universities sanction? Do you believe speech rights include offensive speech or hate speech? Email, tweet @wprmornings or post on the Ideas Network Facebook page.

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