State Capitol Report: Task Force Addresses Caregivers, Municipalities Speak Up About Mass Violence

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On this week’s State Capitol Report we talk with a member of the Governor’s caregiving task force about how to address the shortage and prioritize caregiving needs. Then, we hear from the mayor of Wauwautosa about how she and other local leaders would like the legislature to address the threats of mass violence.

Featured in this Show

  • Task Force Sets Goals To Address Caregiver Shortage

    Governor Tony Evers’ Caregivers Task Force has outlined its priorities to address the shortage of care providers across the state. A key focus: Raising wages. We talk to the task force’s co-chair about how the group plans to bolster the workforce and increase access to care.

  • State Capitol Report: Lawmakers Urged To Act On Mass Violence

    The League of Wisconsin Municipalities is urging state lawmakers to prevent mass gun violence. More than 180 leaders have signed a letter sent to Governor Evers and Republican leaders of the legislature. Our guest details the need for collaboration and the concerns of community members.

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