State Capitol Report: State Senator Speaks On Racial Disparities, Families Face Challenges Finding Care

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The eastern view of the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison
The eastern view of the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. Steven Potter/WPR

First we’ll hear from State Sent. Lena Taylor from Milwaukee on reforming racial disparities, the state economy amid the pandemic and more. Then we talk to Sec. Emilie Amundson of the state Dept. of Children and Families about childcare challenges and possible plans to re-open schools in fall while dealing with the coronavirus.

Featured in this Show

  • State Capitol Report: State Senator Lena Taylor

    State Senator Lena Taylor joins us on this edition of the State Capitol Report to discuss the state’s response to the coronavirus economic crisis, reform for Wisconsin’s racial disparities, elections preparations and more.

  • Reopening Schools And Addressing Childcare Challenges With DCF Secretary Amundson

    The CDC guidelines for education say virtual learning holds the lowest COVID-19 risk. Our guest says that the ability for childcare facilities and schools to safely operate is a vital part of the state’s economic recovery. We discuss these issues and more with the head of Wisconsin’s Department of Children and Families.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Jana Rose Schleis Producer
  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
  • Lena Taylor Guest
  • Emilie Amundson Guest

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