State Capitol Report: Redistricting update and children in the workforce

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Wisconsin state Capitol at night
Wisconsin state Capitol. Joe Tarr/WPR

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has weighed in on the redistricting battle. We talk to a WPR reporter about what effects its ruling could have. Then we talk to a state senator who has proposed easing the restrictions on children under 16 working.

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  • Wisconsin Supreme Court rules in redistricting case

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court says it will take a least-change approach to redrawing election maps. A WPR reporter explains the new ruling and why this is considered a major victory for Republicans.

  • Irma senator talks about teens in the workforce and education funding

    State Sen. Mary Felzkowski introduced a bill earlier this year that would allow some minors under the age of 16 to work earlier in the day and later at night. We speak with the Republican from Irma about teen labor limits, education funding and other issues.

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