State Capitol Report: Officer-Involved Shooting In Kenosha, Task Force Recommends Student Debt Solutions

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Democratic State Senator Bob Wirch joins the program to discuss an officer-involved shooting in Kenosha, the November presidential election and Kenosha’s role as a swing county. Then, we hear how Governor Tony Evers’ student debt task force recommends Wisconsin tackle student debt.

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  • State Capitol Report: Sen. Bob Wirch On Officer-Involved Shooting In Kenosha, Upcoming Election

    Democratic State Sen. Bob Wirch, who is running unopposed to maintain his seat representing District 22, joins the program to discuss the recent officer-involved shooting in Kenosha. We also discuss Kenosha as a swing county, police accountability, and how he’s seen the state senate evolve over the years.

  • State Capitol Report: Student Debt Task Force Gives Recommendations

    At a time when student debt feels like an insurmountable obstacle in a pandemic-driven recession, a state task force has come out with recommendations for the state to help ease the burden on students. We talk to the task force chair about these potential solutions.

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  • Kealey Bultena Host
  • Laura Pavin Producer
  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
  • Robert Wirch Guest
  • Kathy Blumenfeld Guest

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