State Capitol Report: Legislature panels studying how to reduce crime, expand schools sharing services

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A new legislative committee is exploring how to reduce crime in Wisconsin. Two committee members discuss expanding job opportunities and substance abuse treatment for offenders. Then, we talk with the Arcadia School District’s superintendent about another legislative committee studying how school districts could share services and save money.

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  • Lawmakers seek to reduce how often offenders commit new crimes in Wisconsin

    A new legislative committee committee will review how laws and policy can contribute to reducing recidivism in Wisconsin. We speak with two committee members about impediments to employment and substance use treatment for people involved in the criminal justice system.

  • Can school districts better share services?

    Legislators are exploring ways to make it easier for school districts to share services and save money. We speak with the Arcadia School District superintendent, who is also a member of the legislative study committee, about how districts could work together and what barriers they face.

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