State Capitol Report: Audit co-chair talks licensing backlog, Researcher explains tax rate policies

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The Department of Safety and Professional Services faces backlash over long licensing delays. The Audit Committee’s co-chair provides updates. A researcher delves into policies that claim to lower Wisconsin’s individual income tax rates, including a proposed flat tax.

Featured in this Show

  • State audit committee reviews DSPS backlog

    Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ budget would add 16 new jobs to the Department of Safety and Professional Services to address licensing backlogs. We talk with the GOP co-chair of the state Legislature’s audit committee about their review of the executive agency.

  • How taxes affect the economy

    A new study from the UW-Madison Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy shows 12 policies that would lower incomes taxes in the state. We speak with an author of the study on the effects of taxes on revenue and the economy.

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  • Royce Podeszwa Producer
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  • Joe Tarr Producer
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  • Eric Wimberger Guest
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