Should You Trust The Polls This Election?, Talking About Diversity In Children’s Literature

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The 2016 election brought big surprises for some voters and those monitoring the polls. We talk to an election poll expert about how much faith we can reasonably place in this election’s polls. We also discuss how schools and libraries play a role in what kind of literature students are reading.

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  • Should You Trust The Polls In 2018?

    In the days and weeks leading up to the 2016 election, many polls showed Hillary Clinton clinching an easy victory. As we all know, that didn’t happen. Now, as we approach the midterm elections, another round of polls are coming out…but should we trust them? An expert on politics and election polling weighs in.

  • Addressing Representation In Children’s Literature

    Actress Viola Davis recently wrote a sequel to the beloved children’s book “Corduroy.” The book was so important to her as a child, and still as an adult, because the character was an African-American girl. We discuss whether diverse representation in children’s literature and media impacts their perceptions of gender and race. We also explore how public libraries and school address the issue.

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