Should You Get That Flu Shot?

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In any given year, between five and 20 percent of Americans get the flu. The illness costs an estimated $5.8 billion annually in medical costs and lost productivity in the U.S. And though the flu can be serious, and in some cases fatal, only about half of us bother to get a flu shot each year.

As they ramp up their annual campaign against influenza, officials at the Centers for Disease Control are warning that this year’s flu season may be worse than usual. Our guest explains why predicting the flu is so tricky, and why you should get a flu shot — even if it doesn’t prevent you from getting sick.

We’ll also explore the scientific advances in making flu vaccines more effective, and where researchers stand in the quest for a universal flu vaccine.

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  • Nyajai Ellison Producer
  • Kate Archer Kent Interviewer
  • Dr. Jonathan Temte Guest