Shopko Retailer Closes Remaining Store, A Look Inside The Clothes We Wear

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Wisconsin-based retailer Shopko closes its final stores this week. A reporter gives us the latest. Then, we take a look at the chemistry behind the clothes we wear and get some practical tips building on a sustainable wardrobe.

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  • Shopko Closes Remaining Stores

    After six decades, Shopko has closed its remaining stores. The Wisconsin company filed for bankruptcy earlier this year with hopes of only closing its unprofitable stores. Now, all of its stores are closed and 15,000 workers are without jobs. A reporter explains why the company floundered.

  • A Look Inside The Clothes We Wear

    Two flight attendants with Delta Air Lines say their Lands’ End uniforms give them headaches and rashes, and are suing the clothing retailer because of it. We turn to a textiles expert and a dermatologist to learn more about what’s in the clothes we wear and how it affects our health.

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