Rise of hospital-at-home health care, Tribe’s approach to affordable housing

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A stethoscopeat hangs in front of a monitor at the intensive care unit at the Westerstede Clinical Center, a military-civilian hospital in Westerstede, northwest Germany, Friday, Dec. 17, 2021. As hospitals across Europe brace themselves for a surge in co
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Mayo Clinic is offering a hospital-at-home program across a select number of locations. We learn about these new programs featuring patient care in a home setting. Then, an official with the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa discusses affordable housing on tribal lands.

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  • Learning about Wisconsin's hospital-at-home programs

    The UW Health system is one of several Wisconsin health systems to recently launch a “hospital-at-home” program, in an effort to improve patient care and reduce hospital strain. We speak with a doctor in Eau Claire and a researcher to learn about the program’s challenges and potential benefits.

  • 'Homelessness is growing on the reservation,' Red Cliff housing leader says

    The Red Cliff Chippewa Housing Authority manages hundreds of rental units and administers housing programs to tribal members. We talk with the organization about how to create sustainable affordable housing to prevent homelessness.

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