Renaming places with derogatory names, An update on Wisconsin legislative redistricting

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A poster showing a map of Wisconsin is displayed in front of state senators at a hearing.
A map created by Republicans in the state Legislature is displayed during a hearing on Oct. 28, 2021, at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Sen. Jeff Smith sits on the left. Angela Major/WPR

Almost four in five states will begin renaming places later this year that use a slur for Native American women. We speak with the head of a U.S. task force on the issue. Then, we speak with a veteran political journalist about the latest in Wisconsin’s legislative redistricting.

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  • Eliminating derogatory slurs on geographical places

    Nearly 40 states will begin the process of renaming geological features with derogatory names for Native Americans. Wisconsin is one of them, with 28 locations across 19 counties. We speak with the chair of the U.S Department of the Interior’s Derogatory Names Task Force about the process and importance of words.

  • The next decade of political mapmaking

    State and Federal courts ruled on redrawing Wisconsin’s legislative maps at least three times in the last two months. We talk with the Journal Sentinel’s former Washington bureau chief for an overview of the political mapmaking process.

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