Relocating the Enbridge pipeline, Profiting off of welfare

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God. Scott Walker
In this Jan. 8, 2018, file photo, then-Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks in Madison, Wis. Walker to unveil proposals for a welfare overhaul package that included tougher work requirements, additional drug testing and a new photo identification requirement for food stamp recipients. The reforms were later approved by the Legislature. Scott Bauer/ AP Photo

We speak to a tribal leader and an environmentalist about the relocation of an Enbridge oil and gas pipeline that was illegally built on Native American land in Wisconsin and Michigan. Then we hear from the host of a podcast that investigated how companies profit from welfare.

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  • Line 5 shutdown update

    After 10 years of illegally trespassing on tribal lands, a federal judge has ruled the Line 5 pipeline must be relocated. A leader for the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and an environmental lawyer discuss the ruling and its consequences for Wisconsin and Michigan.

  • New investigative podcast shows how companies often profit from Wisconsin’s welfare system

    The Uncertain Hour’s Krissy Clark dives into the policy that requires welfare recipients perform job-readiness activity to receive government assistance. The investigation asks who is profiting off of the privatization of the “welfare state” and does the system help people in poverty?

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