Regulating CAFO’s, Salt pollution concerns

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A Wisconsin community is trying to contain the pollution from concentrated animal feeding operations. A reporter and lawyer explain. Then, we gain insight on salt pollution from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

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  • Towns, counties get pushback for regulating concentrated animal feeding operations

    The small northwest Wisconsin community of Laketown is being sued by the state’s largest business lobbying group for trying to regulate large industrial farms. We talk to a reporter and a lawyer about the latest battle over expanding feedlots and concerns for public health.

  • Reducing salt pollution in our waterways

    As winter storms blow through Wisconsin, some environmental advocates say that the U.S. needs to reduce the amount of salt used on roads, sideways and driveways to reduce salt pollution. We speak with a chloride reduction expert to learn what you can do to help your local waterways.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Joel Patenaude Producer
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  • Maria Lopez Technical Director
  • John McCracken Guest
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