Recent Study Suggest Induced Labor Fine For Healthy Women, Hate Speech Like Alex Jones’ Is Not Over

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A new study finds that healthy women could choose to induce labor at 39 weeks without the fear of increased risks or c-section worries. We talk to a researcher for more information. We also discuss why the hate speech and anger of Alex Jones was just a piece of the pie.

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  • Exploring The Research On Inducing Labor

    A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that healthy women can induce labor at 39 weeks without increasing the risk they’ll need a c-section. We talk to a doctor about the research and what it means for patients.

  • Alex Jones Is Not The First Or Last Alex Jones

    Earlier this month, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and other companies pulled Alex Jones’s content from their websites, citing hate speech violations. But Alex Jones — or his avatar — will be back. According to our guest, Jones is just the latest in a long line of angry, conspiratorial figures in American politics.

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  • Carrie Kaufman Host
  • Laura Pavin Producer
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