Rape Cases Being ‘Closed’ By Technical Loophole, Access To Athletic Trainers In Wisconsin Schools

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Wichita Police Department car blocking an intersection. The Wichita Police Department has a 69 percent rape clearance rate, with 63 percent of cases exceptionally cleared, according to ProPublica. Brian Carpani (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

A school’s athletic trainer is often the first on the scene when an athlete is injured, but not all Wisconsin schools have equal access to trainers. We look at how this plays into the diagnosis of concussions. We also find out how and why some police departments across the country are clearing rape cases without actually solving them.

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  • A Look At Athletic Trainers In Wisconsin High Schools And Concussions

    When a high school student-athlete takes a hard hit, an athletic trainer may be the first on the scene to assist and diagnose any issues or injuries. But depending on the school, access to trainers can be uneven. That can be problematic, according to a new study, especially if an athlete has taken a hard hit to the head. Our guest researcher looks at the relationship between access to athletic trainers at Wisconsin high schools and how concussions are diagnosed.

  • Police Departments Are Clearing Rape Cases WIthout Solving Them

    Dozens of police departments across the country are inflating their numbers of successfully closed raped cases through a technical loophole. On paper, it looks like the cases are solved. In reality, they’re not — and defendants walk free. Our guest investigates how widespread this problem is and what’s causing it.

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