Racial Health Inequities, What Makes Schools Safe

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A student gets her bag checked at a metal detector
In this March 8, 2018 file photo, Alondra Alvarez, a student at Western International High School, goes through a metal detector and has her backpack checked as she enters the school in Detroit. Carlos Osorio/AP Photo 

A public health organization in Wisconsin recently declared that racism in the state is a public health crisis. We discuss the impact of racism on health inequities. Then we break down an audit of school safety in the state and discuss policies that go beyond adding more security.

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  • Racism Declared A Public Health Crisis in Wisconsin

    Nearly 40 organizations, local governments and individuals have signed a resolution calling racism a public health crisis in Wisconsin. A nursing professor explains the impact of health inequities on minority populations and how the state is addressing these issues.

  • What Schools Miss When It Comes To Safety

    An audit of Wisconsin school safety plans found that many used grant money to increase security on their premises. But our guest says including softer measures, like making sure every student has a positive relationship with an adult, might be more valuable.

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