Protecting Public Lands Beyond Our Parks, Foxconn Developments, Dueling Tax Plans

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National parks are a large and familiar component of our public space, but what about other public lands like national forests, rivers and monuments. We talk with a guest who says we need to treat all public land with the care we give to national parks. We also talk about this week’s state news, including changes in Foxconn and dueling tax plans.

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  • Should We Protect All Public Lands Like We Protect National Parks?

    About a third of the entire United States is comprised of federal public lands. But much of that land, according to our guest, isn’t adequately protected, leaving plant and animal life vulnerable — even if it’s designated as a wilderness area.

  • Competing Tax Plans, A New Lame-Duck Lawsuit, And A Whole Lot Of Foxconn News

    It’s been a busy week in state politics. Democratic Governor Tony Evers and Republican leaders in the state legislature have each introduced a separate plan for middle class tax-relief. We look at the competing plans and how they’re being received so far. We also look a new lawsuit targeting GOP laws passed during last December’s lame-duck session. And we get an update on the latest Foxconn news.

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