Proposed swine farm divides Wisconsin town, More academic and scientific papers face retraction

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Hogs feed in a pen in a concentrated animal feeding operation
In this Oct. 31, 2018, photo, hogs feed in a pen in a concentrated animal feeding operation, or CAFO, on the Gary Sovereign farm, in Lawler, Iowa. Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo

We discuss a controversial proposal for a swine farm near a town in northwest Wisconsin that remains undeveloped and under review by state regulators. Then, two watchdogs of academic research say too few papers are being retracted, and the retraction process typically takes too long.

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  • Large pig breeding farm proposal riles Wisconsin town

    A proposal to site Wisconsin’s largest swine farm near the town of Trade Lake in Burnett County divided the community, sparked lawsuits and challenged state regulators. Despite being nixed twice, the project is still under review, a Wisconsin Watch reporter explains.

  • Watchdogs: More academic and scientific papers should be retracted, and more quickly

    When errors and bad data are found in academic papers published in scientific journals, it can take years to retract them. Meanwhile, the debunked work can continue to be cited by other researchers. Two advocates for an enhanced retraction process join us.

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