Predicting and preventing domestic homicide, Milwaukee housing acquisition funds

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A blue home is mid-renovation. Yellow caution tape blocks off the front yard.
Reginald Reed and his team work on this home Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021, in Milwaukee, Wis. Angela Major/WPR

First, we speak with the national administrator of the Lethality Assessment Program about key indicators that tip law enforcement on possible future domestic homicides. Then, we hear from a member of Milwaukee-based ACTS Housing on using acquisition funds to combat a housing crisis.

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  • Assessment program aims to prevent domestic violence homicides

    Key indicators can tip off law enforcement to future domestic violence homicides. To identify those signs, some Wisconsin counties use a prevention strategy called the Lethality Assessment Program. We speak with the national administrator on how to predict and end domestic homicides.

  • Milwaukee organization launching homeowner acquisition fund to help residents buy homes

    ACTS Housing, a Milwaukee-based housing aid organization, is launching an acquisition fund to buy homes in the city and resell them to combat investor landlord purchases. We speak with a member of the organization about why this fund is needed.

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