Playing Fair When It Comes To Redistricting, Record Low Temperatures

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When it comes to redistricting states nationwide, including Wisconsin, have been searching for solutions to stop partisan gerrymandering. We talk about why finding a fair model to put into practice is much harder than it may seem. We also learn what’s behind this historic Midwest cold snap.

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  • What Does A Fair Model For Redistricting Look Like?

    Across the country, states are grappling with questions over redistricting, and looking for ways to stop partisan gerrymandering. That includes Missouri, which last month adopted a new first-of-its-kind redistricting law, making “competitiveness” and “partisan fairness” criteria for drawing districts. But our guest says Missouri’s solution may actually make things less fair. He explains why try to combat partisan gerrymandering is harder than it seems, and what could be the alternative.

  • Record Low Temperatures Heading To Wisconsin

    The Midwest is expected to experience the lowest temperatures in a generation this week. This comes after a two day snow storm. A meteorologist joins us to break down what causes these extreme weather events and what we need to know to stay safe.

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