People Are Keeping More Possessions, Education Issues In Wisconsin, First Day Of School

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People are buying more things, and they’re holding onto them instead of donating extra possessions or throwing them away. Our guest explains. Then learn about the issues on the minds of administrators and teachers as they watch education policy this school year. Plus hear stories from the WPR audience about their most memorable first days of school.

Featured in this Show

  • Why Americans Are Accumulating More Items

    Americans are accumulating more and more (and more) stuff, with things like cheap prices and Amazon to blame. We talk to a reporter from The Atlantic to learn more.

  • Check-In On Education Policy

    As a number of Wisconsin children head back to school, we look at policy issues on the minds of educators and administrators. Our guest education policy analyst joins us to look at various issues like school social media policies, school funding and teacher evaluations.

  • Your First Day Of School Memories

    What’s your favorite memory from your first day? What did you love? What were you afraid of? Did something embarrassing happen, or do you have the most incredible memory of that day? Tell us your story. Leave a message at 833-42-IDEAS. That’s 833-424-3327. You can also post on The Ideas Network Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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