New research on adults with disabilities, Is hate crime on the rise?

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A UW-Madison assistant professor delves into research showing that adults with disabilities yearn for connection and community. A criminal justice professor parses FBI hate crime data to tell us if hate crimes really are declining.

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  • Adults with disabilities say special education lacks role models

    Efforts to improve special education can involve making facilities more accommodating or meeting legal requirements. But research suggests adults with disabilities also see needs for greater representation in classrooms and more connection to other people with disabilities. We talk about the findings with a UW-Madison researcher.

  • FBI data shows hate crime is declining. But advocates and criminologists disagree

    The FBI recently released its annual hate crime data, showing hate crimes are declining. Advocacy groups and criminologists, however, say the numbers are inaccurate and hate crime reports are higher than ever. We speak with a criminal justice professor on what the numbers mean.

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