New Limits For E-Books At Libraries, Language Barriers And Criminal Justice

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Librarians are worried about the new limits a major book publisher is placing on its e-books. We talk to one about the digital landscape and how it affects library card holders. Then, we talk to a law professor about how language barriers can disadvantage those accused of crimes.

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  • Librarians Sound Alarm On New E-Book Limits

    A major book publisher recently placed new limits on the sale of its e-books to public libraries, prompting concern about increasing wait times from Wisconsin librarians. We discuss the evolving relationship between e-book publishers and libraries in the digital era.

  • How Language Impairments Affect Criminal Defendants

    Speech and language impairments can have adverse effects on defendants in the criminal justice system. A law professor shares research on how language disabilities can go unnoticed by law enforcement and disadvantage the accused.

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