New Green Bay paper mill a net-zero water user, Madison candied nuts company to go national

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Pecans stored at Shiloh Pecan Farms in Ray City, Ga.
Buck Paulk looks over pecans stored in his warehouse at Shiloh Pecan Farms in Ray City, Ga., Thursday, June 21, 2018. Paulk estimates that over 50 percent of his pecans are exported out of the country, China being one of the main recipients. Georgia is the nation’s leading producer of pecans. David Goldman/AP Photo

Green Bay Packaging, Wisconsin’s newest paper mill, is certified as a net-zero water user. We receive a virtual tour of the copmpany’s sustainable operations. Then we learn how Madison-based candied pecan company Nutkrak under a new name is expanding nationwide. We speak with the company’s CEO.

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  • Green Bay Packaging achieves net-zero water status

    Wisconsin’s first paper mill in nearly 30 years is setting a new standard for net-zero water use. We travel to Green Bay Packaging’s newest paper mill to discuss sustainable operations.

  • Madison-based candied nuts maker Nutkrack rebrands to Fortune Favors, aims to expand

    The Madison-based candied pecan company Nutkrack announced last month that it is changing its name to Fortune Favors as it aims to expand nationwide. We speak with the company’s CEO to learn what’s behind the change.

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