More Women Identify As Bisexual Than In The Past; How To Decrease Light Pollution

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New research has found that more women are identifying as bisexual than in the past. A sociologist explains why that might be. Then, we take a look at light pollution and how you can make sure your house isn’t contributing to it.

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  • More Women Are Identifying As Bisexual

    New research shows that an increasing number of women are identifying as bisexual. And men? Not so much. We talk with a sociologist about how the gender revolution and differences in cultural expectations have changed the way women explore their preferences. We also discuss what this says about human sexuality.

  • Are Your Neighbor's Porch Lights Trespassing?

    Have you ever stepped into your backyard to look at the stars, only to be blinded by your neighbor’s lights? There’s a name for this phenomenon: light trespassing. Our guest shares tips for how to deal with this problem and how to make sure your own outdoor lights aren’t contributing to it.

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