More Older Americans Take To The Internet, Your Procrastination Could Be A Sign Of Something Deeper

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Different generations use the internet in different ways, and older Americans are no exception. We talk about digital literacy and what older adults spend their time doing online. We also talk about why procrastination may be more than just avoiding a task.

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  • How Older Americans Navigate The Internet

    As more and more older Americans spend time online, they’re also on the verge of becoming the largest single age group in the U.S., per Census data. Our guest political scientist explains digital literacy and explores this group’s relationship with the Internet and how that could affect U.S. politics.

  • Procrastination Has Nothing To Do With Poor Self-Control

    The next time you find yourself avoiding a task you’ve been dreading, journaling about it might serve you better than downloading a new time management app or making yourself a stricter schedule. Procrastination has deeper roots than time management. It’s about emotions fear, anxiety, self-doubt, insecurity. We take a look at misconceptions about procrastination, and steps you can take to stop doing it.

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  • Keegan Kyle Producer
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  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
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