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First, we talk with the executive director of for a review of how money will influence the 2022 election cycle. The, we speak with Northwester Mutual’s executive vice president about the company and its sustainability efforts.

Featured in this Show

  • A review of money in politics

    The 2020 election cycle was the most expensive in American history, according to the political watchdog OpenSecrets. With big spending already underway in this year’s campaigns, we talk with the organization’s executive director for a review of money in politics.

  • Northwestern Mutual executive explains efforts to address equity and sustainability

    Northwestern Mutual paid out its first life insurance claims in 1859 after an ox and a passenger train collided outside Johnson Creek. Today, the company manages $244 billion in wealth. We speak with the company’s executive vice president about its efforts to increase equity and sustainability.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Royce Podeszwa Producer
  • Joe Tarr Producer
  • Maria Lopez Technical Director
  • Sheila Krumholz Guest
  • Raymond Manista Guest

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