MIlwaukee’s new 2% sales tax, Best water filters for eliminating PFAS

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A cashier hands a customer his receipt
A cashier hands a customer his change and receipt during a transaction at a Sears store in Henderson, Nevada. Julie Jacobson/AP Photo

The city of Milwaukee will have a 2% sales tax increase starting in 2024. Officials say it could bring in $193.6 million in revenue. We hear from the Tax Policy Center on the impacts of the increase. Then, we hear from the Environmental Working Group about its recent ranking of water filters for PFAS elimination.

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  • How Milwaukee's new sales tax could affect businesses, consumers

    Last week, Milwaukee’s Common Council and mayor approved a 2% sales tax in order to avoid slashing services. We talk with a policy analyst from the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center about how local sales tax increases affect businesses and consumers.

  • New research reveals filters that excel at removing forever chemicals

    New research from the United States Geological Survey finds that PFAS may be in at least 45% of the nation’s tap water. An analyst from the nonprofit Environmental Working Group breaks down the numbers and recent research on some of the best water filters to reduce PFAS in drinking water.

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