Milwaukee Considers Expanding Residency Incentives To Police And Fire Unions, Helping Farmers Affected By Floods, How Unsolved Crimes Impacts Communities

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We learn about a new program coming to Dane County that aims to help small farmers stay in operation and prevent future floods. We also talk about the number of unsolved homicide cases in Milwaukee and how they impact the community. Additionally, we revisit residency incentives for police and fire departments in the city.

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  • Will Milwaukee Extend Residency Incentives To Police And Firefighters?

    For 75 years, Milwaukee required municipal employees to live within city limits, until 2013 when legislators banned residency requirements. Since then, Milwaukee has offered incentives to encourage city employees to live in the city. Now, Milwaukee may expand that offer to include law enforcement and firefighters.

  • New County Program Helping Small Farms

    A new county program is using $750,000 to help small farms in Wisconsin survive even through massive flooding. Our guest explains the incentives given to farmers who join the program and how its protecting lands for future development.

  • The Lasting Toll Of Unsolved Homicides On A Community

    More than 230 homicides from the past five years remain unsolved in Milwaukee, according to a months-long news investigation. We speak with a reporter about the investigation, Milwaukee’s new crime-fighting strategies, and the toll that unsolved homicides take on a community.

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