Millennials View American Identity Differently, Milwaukee Residents Speak Up About Issues Important To Them

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Generations are bound to see things a bit differently, but a new study finds that younger Americans see the United State’s involvement in foreign affairs differently as well. We talk to an expert about how millenials view American identity. We also hear about the issues that are important to Milwaukee citizens in upcoming elections.

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  • Millennials Are Done With American Exceptionalism

    A new study finds that millennials are done with American exceptionalism. Just 51 percent of millennials surveyed think it’s best for the U.S. to take an active part in world affairs. Only 45 percent consider their American identity extremely important. We take a look at the numbers.

  • Beyond the Ballot: A Conversation About Milwaukee

    This election season, Wisconsin Public Radio is meeting people where they are, in their communities, to talk about the issues that matter most to them. As part of our weekly conversation about the Beyond the Ballot project, we look at the issues on the mind of Milwaukee residents.

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