Marijuana Decriminilization And Incarceration Rate Discrepancies, Priorities For The Current State Treasurer

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The prospect of eliminating the position of State Treasurer was on the table about a year ago, but voters chose to keep the position. We talk with the current State Treasurer, Sarah Godlewski, about her priorities this term. We also discuss what effects, if any, Governor Evers’ marijuana proposals could have on the disproportionate number of people of color serving time in our justice system for drug-related offenses.

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  • Check In With State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski

    Sarah Godlewski was sworn in as Wisconsin State Treasurer on January 7. A position that was almost amended out of the constitution a year earlier. Treasurer Godlewski joins us to discuss her priorities for the office and how she plans to serve as Wisconsin’s fiscal watchdog.

  • Will Gov. Evers's Marijuana Proposals Impact Racial Incarceration Disparities?

    Governor Evers says his proposal to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana will mitigate racial discrepancies in incarceration rates. Our guest explains why these disparities exist, and how enforcement of laws against marijuana possession contributes to them.

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