Marijuana On The Ballot, Unpacking Wisconsin’s Legislative Election Results

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In this Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018, file photo, a clerk reaches for a container of marijuana buds for a customer at Utopia Gardens, a medical marijuana dispensary, in Detroit. Backers of legalizing marijuana in North Dakota have high hopes voters will approve the drug just two years after they said yes to medicinal use. But they may be in for a bummer, since deep-pocketed outside groups so far haven’t put a dime into the measure, suggesting they don’t see it as a good bet. Meanwhile, opposition groups have spent heavily to publicize their concerns that approval would mean big societal problems. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio File)

Voters in 16 Wisconsin counties answered a question about the legalization of medical or recreational marijuana on Election Day. We examine how voters answered those questions in Wisconsin and across the nation. We also zero in on state legislative race results.

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  • Marijuana On The Ballot

    Cities and counties across Wisconsin yesterday had referendums on the ballot to legalize recreational or medical marijuana. Though these ballot initiatives are non-binding, they give us an idea of where public opinion stands on the issue — and they have the potential to affect policy.

  • Breaking Down The Results Of Wisconsin's State Legislative Races

    While it appears that Democrat Tony Evers will be Wisconsin’s next governor, Republicans will maintain control of both houses of the state legislature. We look at the results from a variety of legislative races around the state, including two ‘rematches’ between candidates who faced off earlier this year in special elections. We also look at the prospect of divided government, once again, in Wisconsin, and discuss whether we’re potentially heading for gridlock or bipartisanship in the coming months and years.

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