Mapped Out episode 6, Urban farming in north Milwaukee

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urban garden, rsaxvc (CC-BY-SA)
rsaxvc (CC-BY-SA)

We hear the sixth episode of WPR’s redistricting podcast “Mapped Out.” Then, we talk urban farming with a business owner in Milwaukee.

Featured in this Show

  • Mapped Out episode 6: How it might go

    We hear the sixth episode of a new six-part series produced by WPR’s news team. Called “Mapped Out,” the series explores how redistricting and the re-drawing of political maps has impacted elections and power in Wisconsin.

  • Seeding change: Milwaukee urban farmer enriches community through agriculture

    We talk with one Milwaukee business owner about growing produce on her half acre farm on Milwaukee’s north side. Plus, how urban farming is one answer to food insecurity and food deserts.

Episode Credits

  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Maria Lopez Technical Director
  • Clara Neupert Producer
  • Angela Moragne Guest

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