Making Sense Of Coronavirus Data, How To Vote During A Pandemic

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A facemask onto of a mail-in ballot
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We talk with a WisContext editor about how to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data — some of it imprecise or confusing — being released regarding the pandemic. Then, two elections clerks give advice on how to vote during the time of coronavirus.

Featured in this Show

  • Untangling Pandemic Data

    State and local governments are sharing unprecedented amounts of COVID-19 data, according to Wisconsin’s top epidemiologist. Yet a lack of federal standards has led to public confusion over its interpretation. We speak to a journalist untangling the data and what it means for public health.

  • Voting 101: What You Need To Know To Cast Your Ballot

    Over 1 million Wisconsin voters have requested absentee ballots for this November’s election. We check in with two Wisconsin election clerks to learn everything you need to know to cast your ballot.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Molly Stentz Producer
  • Jana Rose Schleis Producer
  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
  • Will Cushman Guest
  • Ginny Dankmeyer Guest
  • Wendy Helgeson Guest

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