Making Friends When You’re An Adult, Report Says Teacher Shortage Is Growing

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A new report finds that the U.S.’s teacher shortage could be even larger than experts originally thought. We talk about what consequences could follow and what might help alleviate future problems. We also talk about how friendships happen in adulthood, how they come to an end, and the best ways to meet friends.

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  • Report: The Teacher Shortage Is Getting Worse

    A new report says that the teacher shortage is even more severe than previously thought, especially when the qualifications of existing teachers are factored into the equation. We look at the root causes of this shortage, the consequences fewer qualified teachers carry, and look at potential solutions.

  • How Do Friendships Start?

    A fanfiction duo, a Great British Bake-Off pair, a reunion facilitated by an old sweater: these are some of the friendships our guest has written about in her exploration of how friendships form, fall apart, and come back together again.

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