A Look At The FCC’s Likely Vote To Repeal Net Neutrality

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The Federal Communications Commission is expected to repeal so-called net neutrality rules next month. We discuss what net neutrality is and why the FCC wants to get out of it. Then, we get two takes on whether rolling back net neutrality is a good or bad idea.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement last week that undoing net neutrality would “stop micromanaging the Internet.” Right now, broadband companies must treat all Internet data the same and not restrict service to certain websites or apps. Under Pai’s plan, Internet Service Providers would have to disclose their practices, such as whether they allow some sites or apps to pay more for faster streaming.

Supporters of deregulation insist net neutrality has been a wet blanket on the creation and expansion of broadband networks as well as new business models to benefit customers. Opponents argue that cable and phone companies would control which websites, content or apps would succeed.

Do you support rolling back net neutrality rules or should they stay in place? What concerns or excites you the most about deregulation? What questions do you have about net neutrality? Weigh in at 1-800-642-1234 or ideas@wpr.org. You can also tweet us @wprmornings or post on the Ideas Network Facebook page.

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