The Libre Initiative’s agenda, What’s next for 3M

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Scotch Tape on a store rack
Scotch tape from 3M is displayed, Wednesday, April 21, 2021 in a New York store. Mark Lennihan/ AP Photo

We learn about The Libre Initiative, a conservative group advocating for Hispanics, with the group’s strategic director for Wisconsin. Then we look at how multiple lawsuits are affecting the manufacturing giant 3M, which has facilities in Wisconsin.

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  • The Libre Initiative restores its Wisconsin chapter in time for 2024 elections

    A right-leaning political group for Hispanics is active again in Wisconsin. We talk to its new state strategic director about the chapter’s inactivity in recent years and what it hopes to gain from organizing in Wisconsin.

  • The future of 3M, a global company with Wisconsin ties

    Multiple lawsuits are being brought against global manufacturing giant 3M. The billion-dollar company that created Post-it notes has locations in Wisconsin. We hear from a Wall Street Journal business reporter, who says the 20th century belonged to 3M but lately its innovation is dry.

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