Lawsuit Against Harvard Could Have Stakes In Affirmative Action, What To Know About Libel Laws In America

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Harvard University
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A Harvard University group called Students For Fair Admissions is suing Harvard for discriminating against Asian American applicants. We learn more about the suit and affirmative action law at universities. We also discuss libel law in light of claims President Trump has made about a new book released by journalist Bob Woodward.

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  • What the Harvard Asian American Discrimination Case Could Mean For Affirmative Action

    An anti-affirmative action organization called Students for Fair Admissions has sued Harvard, alleging that the university discriminates against Asian American applicants. We take a look the suit and what it could mean for affirmative action in American universities.

  • A Look At Libel Laws In America

    A forthcoming book about the Trump administration, written by journalist Bob Woodward, paints an unflattering portrait of the commander-in-chief. The president says the claims in the book are fictitious, and in response, is calling for changes to the country’s libel laws. But is that even doable? We take a closer look at what constitutes libel, slander and defamation in America, as well as what American law has to say about it all. We also look at what power, if any, policymakers have to make changes.

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