Latest developments in the war on Ukraine

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F-16 military fighter jets participate in NATO's Baltic Air Policing Mission over the Baltic Sea in Lithuanian airspace.
A Romanian Air Force F-16s military fighter jet, left, and a Portuguese Air Force F-16 participate in NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission operate over the Baltic Sea in Lithuanian airspace on May 22, 2023. The United States has given its approval for the Netherlands to deliver F-16s to Ukraine in a major gain for Kyiv even though the fighter jets won’t have an immediate impact on the almost 18-month war. Mindaugas Kulbis/AP File Photo

A year and a half since Russia’s invasion, the war on Ukraine grinds on. How it ends remains unclear as aid from Ukraine’s allies, in both armaments and essentials for a civilian population under siege, is inconsistent. We talk to a political scientist who is watching developments.

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