Investigations At UW-Whitewater Continue After Sexual Harassment Allegations, A Look At Student Debt In Wisconsin Over The Years

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State Senator Steve Nass is calling for UW-Whitewater’s chancellor to resign as a result of several allegations that her spouse had sexually harassed students. We find out more about the status of investigations on campus from a reporter. We also take a look at how student debt has changed in the state over the years.

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  • Check-In About Sexual Harassment Allegations At UW-Whitewater

    At least five women have publicly accused the spouse of the UW-Whitewater Chancellor, who held a ceremonial and unpaid role on campus, of sexual harassment. We learn more about the scope of these investigations with a reporter from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

  • A Look At Wisconsin Graduates' Student Loan Debt

    The average student debt among Wisconsin graduates has plateaued in recent years at around $30,000. But that’s still a big number for a new graduate to contend with. We take a look at the state of student debt and financial need and what’s changed in recent years.

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