Investigating Church Sex Abuse, The Cost Of Litigation In Wisconsin

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Milwaukee County’s DA wants an investigation into the church’s response to allegations of the sexual abuse of children. We look into what’s happening in Wisconsin and across the country. And, from the ACA to lame-duck laws, there are several lawsuits underway at the start of this legislative session. We learn about the cost to taxpayers.

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  • Milwaukee DA Calls For Statewide Investigation Into Church's Response To Sex Abuse Claims

    Milwaukee County’s District Attorney has called for a statewide investigation into the Catholic Church’s response to allegations of child sexual abuse over the past 50 years. Our guests explain the state of these claims in Wisconsin and across the country.

  • Wisconsin Lawsuits Come At A Cost To Taxpayers

    There are a lot of lawsuits in Wisconsin right now, over the Affordable Care Act, legislation passed during the lame duck session, abortion access and more. We take stock of all these suits and how they could end up costing taxpayers.

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