How Wisconsin’s winter is affecting ticks and other pests, Updates on teen vaping, Learning about waste incineration

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A science professor explains how Wisconsin’s warm winter is affecting the state’s population of pests like ticks and mosquitos. Then, we learn about newer trends in teen vape use. Then, a UW-Eau Claire professor tells us about waste incineration technology and advancements.

Featured in this Episode

  • How the warm winter is affecting ticks, mosquitoes and other pests

    The unseasonably warm winter Wisconsin is experiencing is a boon for ticks, fleas and other warm weather pests. An expert on insect-borne diseases explains what she’s seeing this year and what warm winters could mean for the future.

  • Children’s Wisconsin pulmonologist on changes since 2019 vape-related illness outbreak

    Fewer Wisconsin teens are vaping since the government raised the legal age to purchase vapes. We talk with a pulmonologist from Children’s Wisconsin who helped treat the 2019 outbreak of vaping-related lung injury about changing trends in teen vape use.

  • Exploring waste incineration technology, regulations

    The Barron County Waste to Energy facility can incinerate up to 100 tons per day to reduce waste in landfills. We take a look inside waste incineration technology and how Wisconsin regulates facilities.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Lyric Bartholomay Guest
  • Dr. Louella Amos Guest
  • Lauren Wentz Guest
  • Keegan Kyle Producer
  • Joe Tarr Producer
  • Avery Lea Rogers Producer
  • Courtney Everett Producer
  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director

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