How Wisconsinites Feel About Democracy, How To Get The Most Out of College

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College goals were a little different for these women, pictured in their dorm in 1908.
Belk Library Archives and Special Collections (CC BY-NC 2.0)

College tuition isn’t cheap, but there are actions you can take as a student that may help you get your money’s worth. We hear from an expert about what to consider when choosing classes, taking out loans and more. We also discuss the state of democracy in Wisconsin.

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  • Is Democracy Dying?

    Democracy is supposed to be a government of the people, but many U.S. citizens increasingly see government as working for corporations, at the expense of the people. We’ll explore teh so-called “decline of democracy” with a journalist who wrote about what that looks like in Wisconsin.

  • Getting The Most Out Of College

    From class selection to student loans, we talk with a career specialist about making the most of your college experience.

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