How to teach science, New tech expands how often consumers are asked to tip, Wisconsin poetry

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We explore the goals of science education with a longtime science educator. Then, we discuss new data on how Americans feel about tipping culture in the United States. Then, a panel of Wisconsin poets reflect on the complexities of writing poetry.

Featured in this Episode

  • New book by UW-Madison professor says United States needs a better way to teach science

    In John Rudolph’s new book, “Why We Teach Science (and Why We Should),” Rudolph says educators in the United States should teach what science is and establish trust in scientists instead of focusing on jobs and college prep. Original air date: Sept. 13, 2023

  • How Americans feel about tipping

    People who have experience working for tips are more likely to know when and how much to tip, according to new Pew research. We talk with an assistant professor of hospitality and tourism management about the tipping culture in the United States. Original air date: Dec. 6, 2023

  • The art of poetry

    We speak with a panel of Wisconsin poets and artists about how to approach the complex writing of poetry. Original air date: Feb. 1, 2024

Episode Credits

  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • John Rudolph Guest
  • Cortney Norris Guest
  • R.B. Simon Guest
  • Antonio Vargas-Nieto Guest
  • Keegan Kyle Executive Producer
  • Mackenzie Krumme Producer
  • Royce Podeszwa Producer
  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director

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