How to save on pet expenses, Local songbirds increasingly at-risk

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First, we hear about “petflation” and the new price of owning a furry friend. Then, we hear from the Department of Natural Resources on how to protect Wisconsin songbirds, including the at-risk Connecticut warbler.

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  • Money saving tips for pet owners

    According to government data, prices for vet services have increased by 10 percent in the past year. As pet owners grapple with inflation, we talk with a Wisconsin veterinarian about unique ways to save money.

  • DNR taking 'emergency actions' to protect local songbird

    State and local groups are taking “emergency actions” to protect the at-risk Connecticut warbler, a yellow-grey songbird. DNR surveys found only three nesting pairs in the state this year. We talk with a state leader on bird conservation about what’s being done to protect Wisconsin songbirds.

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