How humans treat animals, Child care by grandparents, Making tasty drinks without alcohol

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Andreo Diez, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, holds Ignacio, her baby born via a Ukrainian surrogate mother, after spending two weeks in quarantine, due to the coronavirus outbreak, in a hotel where the Biotexcom clinic, the country's largest surrogate opera
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We talk to a pioneer of animal rights about their book, “Animal Liberation Now.” Then, we learn about the labor of love of grandparents who are the primary caretakers for their grandchildren. Then, we get advice for making non-alcoholic cocktails.

Featured in this Episode

  • The case for animal liberation

    Do humans have the right to use animals arbitrarily and cruelly for food and research? We talk to a pioneer of animal rights about what people owe animals and why people need to stop ignoring animals’ pain and suffering. Original air date: Sept. 22, 2023

  • When grandparents parent their grandchildren

    A Waukesha support group elevates the voices of grandparents adopting their grandchildren. And a researcher surveys unpaid caretakers like grandparents and says they deserve support. Original air date: Oct. 24, 2023

  • How to make great mixed drinks without alcohol

    The market for nonalcoholic beverages is expected to top $1 trillion in coming years. A partner at the hybrid bar Agency explains what makes a great nonalcoholic mixed drink. Original air date: Jan. 22, 2024

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Peter Singer Guest
  • Linda Senger Guest
  • Judy Deysach Guest
  • Anna Powell Guest
  • Kat Doughty Guest
  • Keegan Kyle Executive Producer
  • Joe Tarr Producer
  • Mackenzie Krumme Producer
  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director

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