How To Handle Holiday Stress

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Turkey and other Thanksgiving sides.
Turkey and other Thanksgiving sides. Matthew Mead/AP Photo

According to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour poll, nearly 6 in 10 people celebrating Thanksgiving say they are dreading having to talk politics around the dinner table. We discuss how to cope with holiday stress due not only to politics, but money, expectations, lost loved ones and more.

Meanwhile, an Associated Press survey shows that more than a third dread the idea of politics coming up over Thanksgiving, compared with just 2 in 10 who say they’re eager to discuss it. In addition, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say they feel uneasy about such discussions while women are more likely than men to dread political conversations.

Beyond politics, there’s pressure associated with added holiday activities, family gatherings, shopping, people-pleasing and missing lost loved ones – on top of regular daily responsibilities.

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Do you dread having to talk politics around the table later today? What do you do to keep your cool? What else stresses you out about the holidays and how do you manage them? What questions do you have about coping with stress? Chime in at 1-800-642-1234 or You can also tweet us @wprmornings or post on the Ideas Network Facebook page.

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