How Bumble Bee Brigade helps pollinators, Why Wisconsin-linked robocalls are making millions

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We learn how UW-Stevens Point students study and monitor pollinators through a DNR partnership known as the Bumble Bee Brigade. Then, we talk to a New York Times reporter who found Wisconsin consultants are making millions off of pro-police, pro-veteran robocalls.

Featured in this Show

  • Monitoring bumble bees and other pollinators

    UW-Stevens Point students are joining the DNR-coordinated and citizen-led Wisconsin Bumble Bee Brigade by submitting photos of the pollinators they find. Their professor shares why monitoring bee populations and providing flowering backyard habitat is important.

  • Wisconsin-based consultants make millions from political robocalls

    A Wisconsin-linked robocall system is raising nearly $90 million by claiming to support pro-police and pro-veteran political causes, according to a New York Times investigation. We talk with the reporter who broke the story.

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