How batteries are changing the power grid; An effort to get more psychologists in schools

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The sun shining through gap in solar panels
The sun shines down on a silhouetted row of solar panels at Madison Gas and Electric’s O’Brien Solar Fields in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, during summer on July 27, 2021. The 140-acre solar field includes 60,318 bifacial panels capable of generating approximately 20 megawatts of renewable electricity. The project is a collaborative partnership with UW-Madison and a range of businesses and agencies under the aegis of MGE’s Renewable Energy Rider. Jeff Miller/UW-Madison

We talk with a Wall Street Journal reporter about how advances in battery storage are changing the power grid. Then, we talk about a UW-La Crosse program aimed at addressing the shortage of psychologists in K-12 schools.

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  • Where batteries fit in the national energy grid

    State regulators this month approved the $433 million purchase of a utility-scale solar farm and battery storage facility. We talk with a Wall Street Journal renewable energy reporter about how batteries will affect the U.S. electric grid.

  • New UW-La Crosse program aims to relieve school psychologist shortage

    UW-La Crosse announced a new online program last week aiming to address the state’s shortage of school psychologists. We speak with the head of the school’s psychology department about how this shortage affects classrooms around Wisconsin.

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